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Happening Now Visit www.dorsetdogs.org.uk

Dorset Dogs is a partnership of land managers promoting responsible dog ownership in Dorset. At present the main emphasis is on heathland, but work is carried out on other habitats when time and money allows. Visit www.dorsetdogs.org.uk

Also find a programme of family-friendly activities & events at uptoncountrypark.com/events

Three sites in Poole purchased for people & wildlife by funding raised by The Great Heath project

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Or see our Activity Calendar at www.poole.gov.uk/leisure-and-culture/parks-and-nature-reserve-activities/

Our PDF guide lists organised activities & events across Poole January - March 2015, including self-led and community-led activities and volunteering opportunities

Download our Events & Activities Guide (PDF, 520kb file size)

Download our Events & Activities Guide (PDF, 520kb file size)

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